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Established in October 1995, Shenhua Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Shenhua”) is a major wholly state-owned enterprise (“SOE”) under the direct supervision of the Chinese central government. It is a large coal-based integrated energy company with businesses of coal, power, railway, port, shipping, coal-to-liquids and coal-to-chemicals, running a complete supply chain of production, transportation and trade. The company is also the largest and most modernized coal company in China and the largest coal supplier in the world. Its main business scope includes the running of state-owned assets authorized by the State Council; development of resources products (such as coal); investment and management in those sectors as electricity generation, thermal power generation, port, railway transport, shipping, coal-to-liquids and coal-to-chemicals; and planning, organizing, coordinating and managing operations of its subsidiaries in the above-mentioned sectors. Shenhua is headquartered in Beijing. China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, one of its major subsidiaries, is cross listed on the Stock Exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Shenhua Group ranked 178th among the Fortune Global 500 companies in 2013.

By the end of 2013, Shenhua has 21 wholly-owned or controlling subsidiaries, 70 operating mines, 65,660 MW of electric power capacity, an exclusive railway network of 1,765 km, Huanghua Port and Tianjin Coal Terminal with annual capacity of 100 million tonnes and 45 million tonnes respectively, Zhuhai Coal Terminal with annual capacity of 40 million tonnes and a shipping company with 30 vessels. The company has total assets of RMB882.7 billion and has 214,000 employees.

In 2013, Shenhua produced 496 million tonnes of raw coal and sold 654 million tonnes of coal, delivered 398 million tonnes of coal through its own railway network, generated 335.5 billion kwh of electric power and loaded 179 million tonnes of seaborne coal with its two ports. Total operating income of Shenhua amounted to RMB367.8 billion with total profits of RMB78.5 billion. Shenhua is also one of the best in the industry in state-owned asset value preservation and appreciation, and has topped domestic coal industry for years in economic contribution to the national economy. As one of the most profitable central SOEs in China, the company has also been one of the best worldwide in safe production for years.

Guided by the development strategy of “building a world-class coal-based integrated energy company with global competitiveness”, Shenhua will continue to improve its unique business operation model that integrates coal, power, coal-to-liquids and chemicals and transportation, seeking steady growth through reform and innovation.

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source:Department of Science and Technology Development

As a backbone state-owned enterprise directly under the central government, the Shenhua Group Corporation Limited (“Shenhua Group” for short) always attaches great importance to innovation, always keeps strengthening its scientific and technological innovation system and always keeps improving its innovation ability to fulfill its economic, political and social responsibilities as a central enterprise. By carrying out systematic design and overall layout and adhering to the “one center, two principles, three systems and four key points,” the group has explored and implemented an open innovation road based on the resource integration mode and has formed a scientific and technological innovation system that takes the technological demand as the orientation, takes the combination of production, studying and research as the bond, takes the strategic alliance as the guarantee and can make external scientific and technological resources as much as possible. It has greatly raised the comprehensive innovation ability of the group. By carrying out key technological researches, the group has made a batch of internationally-advanced technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights and they have provided a strong support for the Shenhua Group’s technological development and for the group to build itself into an internationally-competitive coal and energy enterprise.

“One center:” Taking “supporting the enterprise’s scientific development, leading the industry’s technological progress, promoting the scientific and technological strength of the country and leading the global coal development” as the center

“Two principles:” Taking “firmly mastering the core technologies” and “firmly mastering the core links of technological innovation management” as principles and focusing on “the construction of research and development system and the training of innovation human resources”

“Three systems:” The group has established its technological innovation organizing system, management system and evaluation system that are based on the technological resource integration mode.

“Four key points:” Emphasizing “the technological demand of the enterprise, the technological investment, the organization of research and development and the use of the achievements”

The innovation system keeps improving. After establishing three coal-to-liquids technological centers in 2003, the group has also successively established the Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance for Coal Development and Use, the Beijing Low-carbon and Clean Energy Institute, the Shenhua Science and Technology Academy and the Shenhua Scientific and Technological Development Company as well as two national-level research platforms of the National Direct Coal-to-liquids Engineering Laboratory and the National Development Center for Clean Transformation of Energy Coal,” two working stations for academicians and experts and three scientific research stations for post-doctors. The group and the National Natural Science Foundation of China have also jointly established the Joint Foundation for Coal Development and Use to fund the basic theory and key problem researches on China’s coal development, use and transformation. The Beijing Low-carbon and Clean Energy Institute was a low-carbon technology research organization established under the guidance of the CPC Organizing Department and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to follow the global low-carbon development trend and improve the national scientific and technological capacity of China. The Shenhua Science and Technology Academy and the Shenhua Scientific and Technological Development Company have improved the group’s independent research ability, promoted the transformations of the technological achievements and perfected the group’s technological innovation system.

Innovation talents gather rapidly. The group recruits high-end talents in foreign countries and comprehensively trains its technological management and research talents. The Beijing Low-carbon and Clean Energy Institute has recruited an U.S. strategic scientist as its head, recruited many internationally renowned experts as its laboratory directors and got 23 talents from the “Plan of Importing 1,000 Talents.” While accelerating the step of importing technologies, the group also keeps strengthening the training on its internal technological talents. The Shenhua Group has gathered a batch of internationally renowned technological leaders in its coal-to-liquids and coal chemical engineering industry.

In the organizing system area, while the group was strengthening the construction of its innovation system, it also established the Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance for Coal Development and Use, which has 25 members, including the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the Harbin Institute of Technology. The group has also established strategic cooperation relationships with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tstinghua University, China Electronics Technology Group and many other research units. The group has established systems and mechanisms of strengthening internal innovation management and integrating external technological resources too so that it can overcome difficult technological problems by using the strategic alliance and in a strategic cooperation way.

In the management system area, the group’s technological management system keeps improving and the group has implemented the technological innovation process management mode to strictly manage the approval, research, acceptance and evaluation procedures of the technological project. For the research projects undertaken by external units, the group commissions the Shenhua International Limited to choose the proper unit in a bidding way.

In the evaluation system area, the group adopted a multi-target evaluation system based on economic indexes, technological levels and social effects and regards it as the core of the performance evaluation. The multi-target evaluation system promotes the formation of an innovation culture of “encouraging and advocating innovation and respecting knowledge, talents, work and creation.”

By making efforts ceaselessly, the Shenhua Group keeps improving its technological innovation system, has made breakthroughs in some technological realms and is leading developments of the coal and other relevant industries of China. The scientific and technological progress of the group has generated huge economic and social benefits and therefore the group was listed on the “Innovative Enterprises” of the first batch by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Social Responsibility

  • Harmonious Development

    We do utmost to create a harmonious and healthy environment for our further development. We will deal with all kinds of relations, focusing on harmony within our industry, our Group, our culture, and

  • Resource-saving

    Aimed at improving our coal recovery ratio and resources utilization ratio, and reducing energy consumption, We,Shenhua Group, will become a diversified coal-based energy company centering on power g

  • Tech. Innovation

    By aiming to improve our technological innovation ability, we will make efforts on technological development and marketing, combine original innovation, integrated innovation and digested innovation,

  • Quality and Efficiency

    By building Shenhua Group with high quality and efficiency we aim to change our way of development. We will try to strike a balance among speed, quality, structure and efficiency of our development,


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