About Us

    Www.c029.com is the most potential of large-scale integrated portal in Northwest of China. China is a service in the western community of online media and value-added information service provider, mainly to provide Internet media, information resources and entertainment services. For the 21 million users in western China to provide full and timely information in Chinese, multiple fast online services, free and easy with the world's advanced means of communication. Www.c029.com through the display of Xi'an China news, tourism, catering, education, financial and other information channels, users can make timely and full of content providers with the reach and cooperative relations, Www.c029.com variety of content channels system, as tens of millions of Chinese Internet users Life indispensable part. One channel http://pm.c029.com Shaanxi site's ranking in the provision of Shaanxi site traffic statistics, forecasts for the industry in Shaanxi Internet operators to provide the most authoritative data.

    Www.c029.com has been building a market share of high-integrated portal; based Northwest, let the world know Xi'an is a long-term strategic goals of www.c029.com. She passed with a number of industry-based portal Union, the integration of the Internet industry resources, increased market capacity, so that many enterprises were shared values of social wealth.

    Www.c029.com to the western concept of creating a unique network, and explore with Chinese characteristics, the Internet services model.